Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Klippel Family of Nieder-Weisel, Germany Researched by Lesly Klippel.

The Klippel men were master shoemakers in Germany. The first known Klippel in our family, was Johannes Klippel, born December 14, 1695. He was a journeyman shoemaker which meant that he traveled around Germany, working for various master shoemakers who would log his work in the book that he carried. He finally settled in Nieder-Weisel, about 30 miles north of Frankfurt, where he married and opened a shoemaker shop. He and his wife, Maria Margretha, had three children: Christina Margaretha, born in 1722, Conrad, born in 1726, and Johann Jacob, born in 1730. His son, Conrad was chosen to be trained as a shoemaker and take over the family business.

A typical shoemaker shop of the 1700s.
Aerial view of Nieder-Weisel with the church in the center of the town.

A Nieder-Weisel street.